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If you'd like to submit a testimonial, please feel free to fill out the form to the right and submit it to us, we'll make sure we to check our email often and try to get your testimonial posted.  It is important to us that our students and their families are satisfied with our service!

"The Front Porch Learning Cottage is a great environment for struggling children to learn in a non-traditional way! My son began services 3 months ago with Angel and has shown a tremendous amount of growth in all areas. His independent reading level and confidence has grown an entire grade level in a small amount of time. The customized tutoring sessions focuses on my child as a whole and equips him to utilize research-based strategies in the classroom! By doing so, we are on the road to academic success! Angel combined with hard work helped my son love school again, and for that we are thankful!"

- Allison Oliver


"Mrs. Angel has been tutoring my teenage daughter for about a year and a half. After just the first month, my daughter showed great improvement in her grades. Before being tutored, she struggled to keep a C in English. After about a month with Mrs. Angel, she had brought her grade up to a B. The next school year, my daughter was taking gifted English. She didn't want to take it, but because she's considered a gifted student she was placed in that class. My daughter was very apprehensive about the class. The teacher told the class that even though many of the students were used to getting straight A's all the time, they would probably receive their first B in this particular class. Talk about making my daughter a nervous wreck! Well, I'm proud to say that she ended up with an A in that class! Mrs. Angel taught my child the skills she needs to better comprehend what she reads, to discover the implied meaning in a story, and to write short essays at a senior level (my daughter was a freshman). We are so thankful for the help Mrs. Angel has given our daughter! She truly cares about her, and celebrates with her at each achievement."

- Ginger Bayliss


"My daughter has been working with Mrs. Hoffman for 9 weeks. We are already seeing progress in her reading".

- Catina Holts


"I took this ACT prep class with Mrs. Hoffman and once she started teaching, it made me feel more prepared for the ACT and to not stress about it. Her techniques and strategies are very helpful and I recommend for everyone to take this class. You will feel more confident and prepared for the ACT than you ever have. Take this class!!!"  

- Brien Cavazos, HHS Class of 2016


"I have been in contact with them via messenger. I am amazed and how helpful and caring they have been already. I would already recommend them to anyone needing assistance with ACT prep. They came highly recommended and now I know why! AWESOME"

-Alisa Erni


"Angel has worked with both of my girls, and we have always been beyond pleased with their academic growth and the personal attention they receive."

-Amanda Denton


"My two daughters have been working with Mrs. Hoffman and their grades have improved greatly over the last nine weeks. Thank you so much. I highly recommend The Front Porch Learning Cottage."

-Tasha L. Ward


"The Front Porch Learning Center's ACT workshop helped my daughter raise her ACT score 5 points. I highly recommend them for any tutoring needs."

-Monica Black


"Angel and her family have been in our lives for 4 years now and she has made such a difference in Han's schooling! She is patient and really gets to know your child's strengths and weaknesses and then teaches them based upon that! If you are looking for a tutor, please like their Facebook page and meet this amazing woman for yourself.

Thank you for everything you do and have done for Han!!!!! We love you!"

-Brige Davis