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Individual Tutoring

Individual Tutoring

We focus our individual tutoring in three main areas of instruction: Instructional, Enrichment, and Special Needs.  The Instructional Student is one who is not on target grade level and is need of individualized instruction in specific subject areas in order to be successful in the classroom.  The Enrichment Student is one who is above target grade level and may only require academic enrichment and "brain training" to stay engaged in the classroom.  The Special Needs Student is one who is below target grade level and requires multiple weekly sessions to overcome deficits in foundational skills which cause obstacles for effective classroom comprehension.  Regardless of your child's needs, we are dedicated to building confidence in your child and making them successful in the classroom.

Group Tutoring Sessions

Group Tutoring

We will work with groups of up to four students, provided that the students and the families all agree.  The cost per student does decrease with each additional student added to the session, so there is a cost benefit to this type of session.  It is important to note that the students in the group all be on about the same level or ability, that they are capable of working well together and being supportive of one another.  While individual tutoring can offer one-on-one specialized instruction, group tutoring can often take on a "team" feel.  Regardless of the number of students in the group, each student's tutoring plan remains individualized.

Home School Assistance

Homeschool Tutoring Assistance

If you are a homeschool family and are interested in ongoing, regularly scheduled sessions, we can work within your schedule and budget.  To be effective, a minimum of two sessions per week is recommended, unless the parent has a background in education and only requires minimal support from us.  We can teach from your curriculum, if it is standard and you have a copy for us to work from, or we can use our own.  Please note that we will only work with homeschooled students whose families are willing and able to provide a tremendous amount of educational support at home and who fully understand and agree with our tutoring methods and philosophy.

Group Study Facilitation

Group Study Sessions

We can facilitate group study session of anywhere of 4 to 8 students.  Students should come prepared to the session for the subject to be studied and run the session on their own.  The subject area tutor (facilitator) will be made available to the group to answer questions and assist if the need arises.

Test Prep Services

Test Prep

We offer ACT/SAT prep, as well as other test prep services.  We can offer subject specific workshops, problem solving skills, time saving strategies, and tactics for approaching the ACT or other exams with confidence.  These test prep services are on an as needed basis and are dependent on many factors (i.e. scheduling large ACT workshop) and quotes for service will be provided with each individual request.

Adult Learning Assistance

Adult Learners Assistance

According to the book The Profession and Practice of Adult Education: An Introduction by Merriam, Sharan, B. & Brockett, Ralph, G., "Adult education is a practice in which adults engage in systematic and sustained self educating activities in order to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values" (pg. 7).  It can mean any form of learning adults engage in beyond traditional schooling, encompassing basic literacy to personal fulfillment as a lifelong learner.  Front Porch Learning Cottage, LLC is committed to assisting all learners fulfill their goals and dreams, whether it be a child or an adult.  Whether you need assistance in reading, writing, GED, learning how to use a PC, or how to use a particular computer software, we will match you with a tutor that can assist you.